February 11, 2016

Is Djokovic Getting Better in 2016?

ATP's stat guru Craig O'Shannessy thinks so. Look at the steady climb in return stats But .... remember back when I compared late-2015 to Nole's previous best year, 2011, his return stats were actually down. In 2011 Nole won 39% of return games, but only 34% in 2015. Instead, the big improvement Djokovic made in 2015 was in holding serve. So, like many curves, depends on when you start <g> 

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​Francis Tiafoe Gives Groth the "Fake and Bake on Break" and it actually works!​

Teen turns his back and walks away on break point -- then pounces for the pass. 

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Djokovic and Murray's Forehands Analyzed

ESPN showed a fascinating comparison of Novak Djokovic's and Andy Murray's forehands during their Australian Open final. I've overlaid two screencaps from analysis by Patrick McEnroe. 

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January 21, 2016

Are ATP Pros Hitting with More Spin?

I don't know, given the paucity of data on trends. But there are some indications that ATP pros are hitting with more spin than ever.
Here's at the top of this image what the NYTs published back in 2012, based on data from You see Fed's forehand at an average of 2,700 RPMs and Rafa's at 3,200. Flash forward. 

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November 30, 2015

What New Hawkeye Data-Images Reveal About Novak, Fed Serves

This graphic is hot. Neither I nor, more importantly, Jim Courier have seen anything quite like it. This combines HawkEye's "Service toss cluster", which shows where the ball is when players hit in while serving, with a ray-trace for the subsequent ball path. As Courier notes, you can see a "tell" for Djokovic that he'd never realized. 

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October 20, 2015

Tennis Shorts -- Special Federer SABR-Rattling Edition

Tennis Fanz,
Here's a special issue dedicated to Roger Federer's hot new shot, the SABR. As you know by now, that stands for Sneak Attack by Roger. I have stats you won't find anywhere else, video of every single, SABR he hit in Cinci and the US Open, and select image captures. 

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October 16, 2015

Tennis Shorts -- Asia swing update

Tennis Fanz, -- Oct 15, 2015
Ok so my prior transmission should have been called "Tennis Longs". But I had promised the Young Guns summary eons, back so I had tons of research to share. Hope you got something out of them. Back to the usual format this time.
The Shanghai Masters (not to be confused with the year-end WTA Finals, also in Shanghai), enters the quarters. Djoko is on cruise control. Good wins for Anderson over Nishikori, Tomic over Gasquet, and Nadal with a modest measure of redemption over Fognini

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October 02, 2015

WTA Young Guns Scouting Reports

Tennis Shorts -- Oct 2, 2015
In the second part of my Young Gun Scouting Report, I turn to the WTA's next generation. I promise I'll put the "short" back in Tennis Shorts, next issue. 

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September 28, 2015

Tennis Shorts -- Fall Tennis Schedule

Tennis Fanz, -- Sept 27, 2015
Good time during the interregnum twix the final Slam event of the year, and the upcoming Asian and then Euro indoor, hard court swings to pause for a look at the young guns on the ATP side at this link. WTA later. But first ... 

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Young Guns Scouting Report

Yes, this has been longer in writing than James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake". At least, i didn't go blind in the process. And it has more punctuation (literary joke).
You'd have to be crazy to project where young players will end up given all the variables -- injuries, blind luck, motivation -- which makes me eminently qualified to pontificate <g>. I list many but certainly not all, interesting young prospects with short scouting reports, links to follow and more. The ATP comes this week and the WTA when I recover from mental-carpal tunnel Post Typing Syndrome. 

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