May 25, 2014

Fed on Announcers, Fans that "Know Edberg's Impact"

And this means you Justin Gimelstob 

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Recognize This Swing?

Can you name this Grand Slam champion? Not many players have used two hands on both sides, but their share of Grand Slam titles is disproportionately large. My pix from Stanford.

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Pre-Young Gun, Sixteen-year-old Francis Tiafoe

With the likes of Ryan Harrison and Jack Sock stalling badly, is it too early to look at the next generation of potential U.S. ATP players? Sixteen-year-old Francis Tiafoe, the son of a club maintenance worker I've written about here before, is now the top junior.

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Fed's Drive Volley

Trying to figure out how to hit this shot, so I turned to the master for instruction. I grabbed a short replay on Tennis Channel of Roger Federer hitting a forehand, swinging volley vs Delpo at Basil, slowed it down, put in some stop action and captions. Most of what I see reinforces what you hear about hitting the "modern, ATP forehand" groundstroke, with some specifics to this stroke. Video at the link, with a vidcap of his swing path here: 

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French Open 2014 Preview

With Roland Garros' first round starting today (Sunday, May 25), here's your pre-French Open update with links, TV schedules, and an overview. 

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May 20, 2014

Photos from BNP Indian Wells 2014

Here are some photos I took at March's BNP Indian Wells tennis tournament. 

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April 03, 2014

Looking at Ernests Gulbis' Big Serve

Here are a couple of different types of looks at one of the best serves on the ATP tour, that of Ernests Gulbis.

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Stan Wawrinka's Ink

In case you haven't heard after his AO14 win, the tattoo on Stan Wawrinka wrist is: A quote from Irish poet Samuel Beckett ''Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.'
Stan did more than that. After losing 26 straight matches combined to Djokovic and Nadal, he took them both out en-route to his first-ever GS title. 

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How Gritty Are the Hard Courts?

... Or a Rastafarian Tennis Ball 
The hard courts in Indian Wells and Miami are so slow that, as Martina Navratilova put it: "You can sit on the sideline and still get up and run down an approach shot." 
Here's what that much grit does to shred a tennis ball.

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How Far Will Rafa Run to Hit a Forehand?

Great pic from TennisTV, showing that Nadal will literally run from doubles sideline to doubles sideline to hit a forehand, while only hitting backhands out of a tiny, 4 meter lane on his far right. 

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