August 31, 2015

Tennis Shorts -- U.S. Open Preview Edition

Tennis Shorts -- Aug 27, 2015

Tennis Fanz,
Here's your preview for the U.S. Open. Serena Williams faces a tough draw in her pursuit of the "real" Grand Slam, the "calendar slam", which would give her a tie with Steffi Graf for 21 career, slam titles. 
Caption: Actual photo of yours truly typing frantically to compile your US Open preview.

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Cincinnati - Dust off the Mark Twain quotes

Tennis Shorts - August 24th, 2015

Tennis Fanz,
Ever wonder what pros say to each other when they shake hands at the net? The mike picked up this amusing exchange after the second quarter final in Cincinnati:
Feliciano Lopez"You're f**n flying all over the court."
Roger Federer (who turned 34 weeks ago): "I've got a few years left."

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Mid-Rogers Cup Update

Tennis Shorts - August 13, 2015

Rarely are first-round matches this exciting -- in good ways and some, ah, not so much. 
In your issue: 
   * Yet more of my photos! What's not to like <g>
   * Nick Kyrgios misbehaves. In other news, dog bites man.
    *  Did IMG deliberately misrepresent player lineup at Stanford? 
    * Serena profiled yet again.
    * Top female jockette earners
    * Bringing live stats to tennis coaching

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Kerber the Bulldog

Tennis shorts: August 10, 2015

Tennis Fanz,
I ran into several of you last week at the WTA Stanford tournament. Thanks for your kind words on "Tennis Shorts". 
Enjoyable event despite top seed carnage and IMG's mis-management. Most every time I attend a WTA event I'm struck by how much more engaging women's pro tennis is in person than on TV. There are several reasons for this, but one is the players' tremendous athleticism and competitiveness that stands out in person simply does not come across on TV, which emphasizes radar guns and big shots. This email is short on text, mainly comprising a few, early takes from my photos. Many more to come <g> 

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November 16, 2014

One Example of Pro Spin

Averages can be deceiving. Here's what Hawkeye recorded when Fed took a short ball around the service-box-T and hit an approach into the forehand corner at -- 3,427 RPMs. From his stroke, it wasn't the most top spin Fed can hit, more drive than top. 

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Nadal Has Second, Highly-Experimental Stem Cell Therapy

As Rafael Nadal was recovering from an appendectomy, his doctor made a surprising announcement that has been cavalierly treated in the press, that Rafa is getting stem cell treatment on his back, and that he had previously had stem cell treatment in his knee. 

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September 28, 2014

Fed's Unannounced Training Camp for Juniors

I'm researching an upcoming post on Young Guns and the sole, common thread I can find among the top ATP prospects is that they're worked out with Roger Federer. Seriously. It seems as if Fed has bought almost all of them in, usually as a teenager, to work out with him: Dimitrov, Kyrgios, Donaldson, Dolgopolov, Theim .... 

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Nishikori Goes Airborne

Not sure if this comes from being 5 ft 10 in tall coping with ever-higher-bouncing courts and topspin shots, but Kei Nishikori seems to go airborne on his shots more than anyone I can remember. I combined thumbnails of good shots from Scott Kelby on G+: 

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Pat The Dog on the Head

Not claiming the biomechanics of a quarterback throwing a pass are analogous to tennis strokes -- that is beyond my ken. But it is interesting to note some similarities. The so-called "ATP Forehand" involves taking the racket back on the side, not behind as in the "WTA forehand".

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Is Fed Developing a 'New Shot'?

I've watched hundreds of Fed matches, but I saw Fed hit some backhands near the net with a stroke I'd never seen before, or at least didn't recognize. He leapt onto his front foot while leaning forward to put away a high sitter near the net. Is it just me? Have I missed this, or is it new to you as well?

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