August 31, 2010

Bank Profits Soar, Lending Falls As Banks Pay Next To Nothing For Funds

When Obama44's Tim Geither and Ben Bernake justified their TARP bail-outs and giving Wall St. Banks interest free loans, the justification was that the banks would lend to buy homes and grow business. 

Well, the banks and back to playing roulette with taxpayer money -- investing in credit swaps and currency trades -- but they're refusing to lend to consumers and small business. They're also cutting reserves against their gambling losses (since they're taxpayer guaranteed, why bother?) Over 95% of all home loans, if you can get one, are now through FNMA and HUD.

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December 16, 2007

Why Tennis' Sharapova is Banned from Madrid's Catwalks

One of the best women's' tennis matches in years was played three weeks ago in Madrid this November. World number one Justin Henin came from behind to survive a three-hour slugfest with Maria Sharapova to win the year-ending WTA Master's tournament.

SharapovaServe It was a tremendous display of athleticism with Henin's hand-eye coordination and tactics outlasting Sharpova's flat, penetrating forehands and 110 MPH first serves. That they played at that level with so few unforced errors for nearly three and a half hours was amazing.

But if Sharapova wanted to console herself by returning to Spain to practice her second career, modeling, at the annual Fashion Week in Madrid, she'd be in for a surprise.

It is illegal for Maria Sharapova to model clothes in Madrid.

Under laws in Madrid, and similar ones proposed in New York and London, it is against the law for any woman as thin as Sharapova to model clothes professionally.

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December 13, 2007

MLB Report Continues Culture of No Accountability Throughout America

Failure is its own reward.

The buck never stops.

Today's Mitchell report on drug abuse in Major League Baseball is yet another example of our culture of no accountability.

Everyone was involved and everyone caused the problem -- players, union, managers, owners -- so therefore no one is responsible and no one will be held accountable. Well, maybe one or two showcase scapegoats.

It's just another example of the culture of no-accountability that infects the top levels of America. If you're big enough -- through celebrity, money, or influence -- you're seldom held accountable for massive failure.

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December 12, 2007

GOP Solution: Cut Entitlements

I was optimistic that today's Republican Presidential debate in Iowa would finally get at more specifics about real plans for the country.

Instead, about all we got was "cut entitlements" said a dozen different ways. Apparently, the lessons from FEMA's failure in New Orleans  and the false economies of cuts in that program didn't take.

According to these candidates, there is no need for sacrifice: we can achieve total "energy independence", we can pay for the Iraq war, increase other military spending, get rid of the government deficit, fix social security and medicare -- all for free, all we have to do to solve every problem  is "cut entitlements"

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November 28, 2007

My SUV Horror Stories

Warning: This post merely vents my frustrations, and lacks any real content, but then that is unique on the Web.

The worst drivers are attracted to SUVs. No, I didn't say all SUV owners are bad drivers. But SUVs' illusion of safety and their appeal to reptilian urges (I can kill you more than you can kill me, so I'll win in a crash! ) attracts the more irresponsible and self-absorbed drivers.

Combine this with the fact that it is more difficult to drive these trucks than cars, and you have a formula for disaster. Here are a few examples.

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