June 17, 2013

Simon & Garfunkel's Songs of America Video

This Simon & Garfunkel 1969 TV special is worth noting not only for it's classic content, and close-ups of the duo and their team in production, but for its inclusion of a section dedicated to three, assasinated American leaders -- Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and Robert F. Kennedy --  but for the backstory. This performance was created for television but the intended sponsor backed out because all three of the victims shown were Democrats. CBS wisely decided to show the performance without the sponsor. Length 51+ minutes. Midway through we get some 60s anti-war and anti-poverty rhetoric. Seems sadly quaint. 

Tell me you didn't tear up watching little Caroline and Bobby running to greet JFK, or Martin Luther King with his little son, while Simon & Garfunkel harmonize "Like a bridge over troubled waters  ... So long, soooo long ... ". 

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July 17, 2012

Olympic Tennis on TV and Online

Tracking coverage of Olympic tennis on TV is more complex than following the London subway map. 

Early rounds are on Bravo and Telemundo -- live without time delay -- while later rounds are on NBC, MSNBC, NBC Sports, and Telemundo. Click here for a schedule. Online coverage is on NBC's site, and also on LiveBoxTV, which I've never tried. For details on tennis at the Olympics, check out this section on the ATP site. Here is another link for live online streaming from NBC, which requires a log-in with a "cable, satellite, or teleco" provider. There are tablet and mobile apps here for Apple and Android. 
For those following the Olympics online, there are several resources: Twitter (@olympics) , Facebook (Olympic Hub (, through Foursquare  (, Tumblr  ( and (, Instagram, and G+ ( ). Wikipedia has a page dedicated to tennis at the Olympics here. Google created a good hub site for the olymics here.
Update: Concise tennis list below image. 

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October 14, 2011

More Realistic "Jobs in Heaven" Cartoon

Buddhist son of a Sunni is a capitalist hero. Go figure. See last panel. 

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September 06, 2011

Women's Tennis Deserves Better TV Commentators

Tennis is the only sport I know of where you can tune in to watch a match and spend the entire time hearing the players you wanted to watch being ridiculed. 

Certainly, TV announcers and commentators are often critical of play during NFL or NBA games. But the majority of the time is spent describing the play, and highlighting outstanding examples. 

Not women's pro tennis. 

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September 04, 2011

Roddick Kicks John McEnroe Out

Per NY Post: "A source at the US Open told us: “ {Andy} Roddick said he would only come up to the ESPN suite to be interviewed if McEnroe, who as an analyst had been commenting on his match, was told to leave. He said he wasn’t going up there if McEnroe was anywhere near the suite. McEnroe left without a fight, but during the interview you could see Roddick was still fired up about the criticism.”

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August 23, 2011

Infinite Jest's Eschaton Game Turned into Music Video? No, Really.

Director Michael Schurr collaborated with the Decemberists to make a music video from David Foster Wallce's novel "Infinite Jest".

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July 20, 2011

Murdoch's Testimony Misleading?

While most of the media coverage of l'affaire Murdoch concentrates on the pie-in-the-face and elder-Rupert's crocodile tears of denial, the NYTs (as usual) has some meat in these two articles:

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July 16, 2011

Murdoch's Top Editors Knew | Reuters

Reuters claims top editors at Rupert Murdoch's firm knew about bribery, phone hacking, wire taping, and use of criminals. (Murdoch's empire includes News of the World, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.)

Reporters were grilled for hours each day on their sources, and every expense line item closely vetted, making claims that a few reporters did this on their own ludicrous.

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July 13, 2011

Tea Party Senator Calls Blacks "Aborigines"

Remember, the Tea Party GOP is not racist, and the mainstream media isn't allowed to call it that. 

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July 11, 2011

Fox News Owner's Scandal Broadens: Hacked Prime Minister, Spied on and Bribed Scotland Yard

Ah, the scandal about the scandal-monger's empire keeps getting juicier and juicier.

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