July 30, 2008

Check Out Rachel Diggs Album: Center of the Earth

A new album by Rachel Diggs entitled "Center of the Earth" is worth checking out on iTunes.

Rachel is the wife of a former colleague, David Seymour, who worked with me at Fawcette Technical Publications, Inc. in the last millenium.

Diggsseymouralbumcvr_2 I know she's been working hard at breaking into the music business for years. The two of them moved to Los Angeles to help her career.

As a customer review on iTunes put it: "On first impressions, it's the instantly accessible melodies of "At the Center of the Earth" ... that grab the attention, but repeated plays demonstrate they're supported by the almost aquatic atmosphere at the album's core. (Some) are reminiscent of Miss Higgins (whom, vocally, Rachel most closely resembles ...) while others ... wouldn't have been out of place on I Nine's recent debut release."

At any rate, check it out on iTunes. Give the samples a listen and you might get hooked.

Good luck Rachel and David!

December 18, 2007

Striking Wall Exhibit at SF MOMA

There's a striking exhibit of mural-sized photographs by Canadian Jeff Wall at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Wall_Gust Wall's photographs are elaborate orchestrations, most are reproduced as large, Cibachrome transparencies laid together and back-lit on frames that resemble big, advertising photo boxes.

The almost overly-vivid detail and brightness, which in their distinctiveness makes them pop-out, grabs your attention. Imagine the thumbnail to the left of "A Sudden Guest of Wind (After Hokusai)" as a bright image, about 12-feet wide. You can see the expressions on the model's faces and count the birds in the sky. Over 100 shots were taken. Click to enlarge the photo, but that doesn't do the massive positive justice.

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