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September 27, 2013

Novak Djokovic vs. Li Na "Battle of the Sexes"

Fun mini-set for charity with Na getting a 30-love handicap in each game. 


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Just came across your site recently - really great tennis insight and analysis. I've been looking for that.

I'm curious what your take is on Fed? What can his recent issues be attributed to? Where is he going? What can he do to improve?


Rod Laver recently said that Fed's problems are mental.

Laver said you can see him play great one day -- which says its neither physical nor training -- then bad the next. So probably after 1,200+ matches the adrenalin doesn't show up.

I'd note that Fed tried to deal with this by playing less this year, but that backfired, making it harder for him to get up for matches after time off away from the intensity and with more exposure to the many distractions in his rich life.

I'd agree with Laver but add that Fed has said it is harder to, and recovery takes longer. He's apparently had back problems his entire career, but now it takes more out of not only his matches but his preparation.

Darren Cahill wants Fed to be more aggressive on second-serve and break points, running around returns or standing back and hitting out (he has always played percentage tennis then), something I'd like to see also.

The tennis was pretty bad with Djokovic holding way back. While the conversation might have been entertaining for the Chinese crowd, neither it or the play held my interest more than 4 points. So maybe something spectacular occurred after the 2nd minute.

What impressed me the most is that Djokovic was able to speak Chinese. Now that was impressive!

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