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November 01, 2012

Improve Shots Beat Technique Hands Down

Technique? What technique? I don't need no stinkin' technique! -- to rework the old line from The Treasure of Sierra Madre'. Admit it, the most enjoyable shots in tennis are the ones nobody practices (or shouldn't) and you can't plan for. 

Here are a randon collection of some recent, memorable shots from the tour including behind the back shots, between the leg shots, switching hands, diving and just plain making it up on the run. 

Brown's 'Don't Worry, Mahn' Return

Dreadlocked Dustin Brown plays out of Germany but hails from Jamaica. I hate to resort to regional sterotypes, but this has to be the most laid back, "don't worry, mahn" service return ever. 

Unlike the other shots here, I have no idea why Brown did this. But it flummoxed Marcos Baghdatis enough to win the point, and eventually, the match. (Low rez, sorry)


Dimitrov Reaches Back for a Winner

Next up, young gun Grigor Dimitrov with a don't-try-this-at-home behind the back, back of his feet, half-volley winner. My favorite part is his opponent, Victor Troicki, urging fans to watch the replay on the overhead screen. 

There's a reason one of Dimitrov's nicknames is PT for "prime time". 



Tsonga's Goes One-Handed to Pass Fed

One problem with two-handed backhands is hitting low, wide shots (assuming you don't assume a yoga pose like Novak Djokovic). But Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has another solution. Simply go one-handed and blast away. Hard. Tsonga has done this to Fed three times now, I believe. 


Maria Sharapova Reverts to Left Hand

Sharapova is naturally left-handed but as her father Yuri put it "some idiot at Bolleteri made her play right-handed or she'd have nine Grand Slam titles by now." During the Wimbledon-based Olympics against Sabine Lisicki, Sharapova started to move the wrong way at the net then simply switched hands to volley. 

Sadly, this replay missed the best part: Sharapova's impish grinning looking back at her box afterwards, acknowledging that she got away with something. 

Andy Murray Enters Olympic Diving

Sort of. Eat your heart out Boris Becker as Andy Murray makes a diving, rolling stab volley that lands smack on the line for a winner as he defeats Novak Djokovic on the way to his gold medal at the Olympics. 

Fabulous Fabio Fognini Falls ...

... and resorts to a tweener as jumps up. 

Bryan Bros Tweener-Groundstroke Wins. 

First they miss on a tweener lob, so then they go for a tweener return and that works . Plus, a second video of a now-standard tweener. 


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