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May 20, 2012

Hit Forehands on Both Sides?

Since tennis columnist Peter Bodo recently asked why no one tries to hit with a forehand on both sides, and I watched Maria Shrapova hit some left-handed forehands on the run in winning the rain-drenched Italian Open in Rome this morning, I thought I'd dredge this one out. 

Evgenia Kulikovskaya, a Russian tennis player that got as high as 91 on the WTA tour, and 46 i doubles, did just that. 

I can imagine a doubles match where a losing opponent yells at her partner, "I told you to hit to her backhand!". <g>

Photo: Unkonwn sources, posted on Mens Tennis Forum, elsewhere. 


Reader Comments

Luke 'duel hand' Jensen.

Good input "Bobby", but while Jensen was ambidextrous and could alternate serving from either side, after the serve he went to a conventional forehand and one-handed backhand, not two forehands.

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