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April 10, 2012

Roger Federer at Work

Here are a handful of photographs I've taken of Roger Federer over the last two-plus years. All ©jfawcette 

I embedded three, varied ones here, followed by a slideshow of 59 photos of The Fed. Hope you enjoy them.

Roger Federer BNP1112 ©jfawcette  2436

Roger Federer BNP1112 ©jfawcette  2438

Roger Federer BNP1112 ©jfawcette  2437

 To play this slideshow either click here, or click on the embed below. Once the slideshow is playing can select the four-arrow icon that will appear in the lower right to play in a larger window. 

Reader Comments

Wonderful photos! Roger does lend himself to great photos, but it takes great skill, I think, to capture him. He has such exquisite lines, body alignment with the ball, his carry-throughs, everything about his game is just imcomparable.
Thank you so much! I think a Roger Federer Museum should be forthcoming!

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