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April 26, 2010

Police seize computers, other property of blogger who wrote about supposed lost iPhone

Police, acting at the request of Apple Inc., broke down the door of an online reporter that disclosed details of a lost iPhone prototype, in apparent violent of the California Shield Law, according to the LA Times:

"Police in San Mateo County served a search warrant at the home of Jason Chen, a technology blogger who had posted extensive information about a lost mobile device he claimed was an unreleased version of Apple's Inc. blockbuster iPhone.

"According to documents and accounts posted on Gizmodo, Chen's blog, police raided the blogger's house on Friday night and seized nearly two dozen pieces of electronic equipment, including computers, hard drives, digital cameras and other devices.

"According to the warrant displayed on the Gizmodo site, a search had been approved because the property sought "was used as a means of committing a felony" or "tends to show a felony has been committed."

via latimesblogs.latimes.com

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